Atlantic Crossing

Atlantic Crossing will be the first comprehensively planned art, culture, and entertainment community on the African continent with overt linkages to the African Diaspora worldwide. Atlantic Crossing, located in Accra, Ghana, was designed to establish a global position as the focal point for AfroPop art, culture, and entertainment. Visual, dance, music, literature, theatre, media, culinary and fashion will be combined to create a unique destination with a global audience.

The full spectrum of museums, theatres, galleries, studios, live/work spaces, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs and art education facilities will be established on a world-class technology platform. These will be combined with high quality hotels, residences, offices, shopping, and family attractions to create a unique and sustainable creative community that will refresh itself organically every day of the week.


Metroventures/USA, Inc.
Baltimore, MD


125 acres
12,500,000 sf

our role:

Master Planner and
Executive Architect