Baker High School

Manning Architects is providing full service design and construction administration services for the renovation of 60,000 sf and new construction of 40,000 sf on an existing 27 acre campus that was flooded during the Baton Rouge storm of 2016. After initial analysis of the 125,000 sf of existing buildings Manning Architects suggested removing 60,000 sf of existing buildings and consolidating it into a 40,000 sf new footprint. The consolidation of the building footprint allowed the design team to reorient the site and redesign the storm water management systems.

The new site design implements a detention pond storm water management system to help mitigate future floods. The design also consolidates all utilities into a new central plant for the entire campus. The new building footprint will be sited around existing site features which offer views to important site amenities. Wayfinding has also been improved by reducing the amount of vehicular entrances and creating a more significant entrance into the building. The use of covered and uncovered walkways will help better connect students and visitors throughout the campus. The 60,000 sf renovation will consolidate all administrative, media center, guidance and athletic facilities into one building, as well as replace all existing HVAC, electrical and plumbing equipment.


City of Baker School Board
Baker, LA


$22 million
89,000 sf
Est. 2018

our role:

Design Architect