Canal Street Ferry Redevelopment

The Regional Transit Authority, along with the City of New Orleans, have converged on an opportunity long imagined by our civil leaders – the removal of the vehicular transport services from the Canal Street ferry terminal. This was driven by a broader objective to unite multiple transit services into one location and reclaim the riverfront as a pedestrian-oriented environment. The removal of vehicular service allows for the removal of the current terminal facility that blocks pedestrian flow along the riverfront. Current operation of the ferry service will be retained for pedestrians, cyclists, and motor bikes. The new ferry terminal design calls for new and smaller water crafts to be purchased, which provides quicker service and a smaller terminal and docking facility. Manning Architects’ vision/master plan also provides the connection of rail lines, a multi-modal center, improved traffic circulation, retail and food and beverage attractions.


Regional Transit Authority City of New Orleans
New Orleans, LA


Est. $40 million Est. 2018

our role:

Visioning/Master Planner, Project Management, Architecture