New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal Station

The New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal (NOUPT) constructed in 1954 is an icon from the period of modern transportation. In an effort to prolong the exterior envelope and provide much needed maintenance, Manning Architects provided a comprehensive survey of the exterior wall panels and canopy roofing. Upon fully documenting the existing conditions and studying the original drawings, Manning worked with the client, historical restoration experts, and contractors to compile a comprehensive plan and documents that addressed areas of damage, deterioration, and water infiltration. Working closely with all parties through the construction of the project, the project was completed without exceeding the construction budget and earlier than scheduled. There were no interruptions to services, public access, or damage to the adjacent interior elements. The result of these efforts resulted in repairs that maintained the character of the building, seamless detailing and roof detailing which maintained the original thin lines of the canopies.

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New Orleans Building Corporation &
New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal
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