Vision for Superdome Neighborhood

This visionary proposal sought to enhance the city’s core by improving its infrastructure and linking its existing urban assets including: the Superdome, then New Orleans Arena, Regional Medical Center, Union Passenger Terminal, Municipal Complex, New Orleans Morial Convention Center, Aquarium of the Americas, Riverwalk, Contemporary Arts Center, and the D-Day Museum. By also integrating these major urban assets with their surrounding neighborhoods, the goal was to strengthen the city’s economic and social life and revitalize these neighborhoods. This proposal outlined the importance of identifying the needs of these disparate neighborhoods to ensure their participation in the future growth and development of the area. With funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Greater New Orleans Foundation, the New Orleans Community Support Foundation created a comprehensive city-wide infrastructure plan which address the unique needs of each of the city’s 13 planning districts and is guiding the city’s rebirth.


Mayor of New Orleans



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