Whole Foods Arabella Station Development

Constructed in 1894, the historic Arabella Street Carbarn is significant as a rare resource associated with streetcar light rail transit, a once principal form of transportation during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Manning took extreme care in preserving not only the structure, but the integrity of such an important site.

Manning provided complete architectural design services for a major renovation and adaptive reuse project to modernize the existing structure that currently houses a thriving specialty food store, Whole Foods Market. The opportunity for clerestory windows provided a source of natural light, keeping the interior bright. Ultimately the client wanted to keep the building’s original design features, which Manning was able to successfully do without compromising the fragile nature of the structure.


Arabella Station, LLC
New Orleans, LA


$6 million
122,000 sf

our role:

Project Architect, providing complete architectural
design services